Philosophy and Policies



The Nock-Molin Library Media Center has two goals. One is to support the curriculum of the school, providing both teachers and students with the material they need to follow the curriculum of the Newburyport School District and the content standards of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The second is to provide material for students that meets their emotional needs and is relevant to their literary and recreational interests. 


Selection Responsibility


The Library Media Specialist is responsible for the selection of materials. Materials are chosen by the librarian with assistance provided by faculty, staff, parents, and students. 


Criteria for Selection


Materials chosen for the library shall: 

  1. Enrich and support the curriculum 

  2. Support educational, emotional, and recreational needs of the users. 

  3. Meet high standards for quality in physical format, subject treatment, accuracy of information, graphics, and literary style. 

  4. Be appropriate for the academic subject areas. 

  5. Represent different viewpoints, establishing a library collection with balance. 

  6. See Evaluating Library Collections: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights and Diverse Collections: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights from the ALA for more information on the library’s policy. 


Selection Tools 

The Library Media Specialist will use professional resources to assist in selecting materials for the library, including but not limited to: 

  1. Reviewing publications such as Booklist, The Horn Book, School Library Journal, and Voice of Youth Advocates. 

  2. Books such as Children’s Core Collection (2020) H.W. Wilson Publishing Co, 2019, and Middle & Junior High Core Collection (2020) H.W. Wilson Publishing Co, 2019. 

  3. Subscription services such as the Junior Library Guild. 

  4. Criteria set forth by the Newburyport Public School District. 

About Our Materials

The goal of the library media center is to promote a love of reading and an appreciation for books that will empower students to become information literate life-long learners. Thus, the Nock-Molin Library Media Center strives to provide patrons with materials that will enrich and support the educational needs of the school. Because we serve many students in grades 4 through 8, it is the responsibility of the library media center to provide a wide range of materials in varying levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal, and which represent different points of view. We would encourage parents and caregivers to discuss reading with their student if they feel the need to establish any family guidelines as to materials and content.


Gifts and Book Donations

Gifts of new or old library materials will be accepted only if they meet with the library media center's selection criteria. Selection criteria will also be applied to gifts of money that carry purchasing restrictions. Unrestricted gifts of money will be used at the discretion of the Library Media Specialist to meet collection needs. Gifts of books and other materials are accepted but without commitments as to final disposition and with the understanding that they are not necessarily to be added to the collection. Receipts stating the value of gift material will not be given. When applicable, a form will be signed by the donor upon presentation of materials to the Newburyport School Library Media Centers and will be filed for future reference.




In general, items that are damaged, no longer support the curriculum, or contain outdated or inaccurate information will be removed from the shelves.